After years of constant learning and growing, these are the Lightroom presets I use for all of my commercial and personal work.

Why did I make these?

My journey with editing started years ago - I couldn't stand the way digital photos looked, and I wanted to make it effortless to give them an instant overhaul. I've been a professional photographer for the past four years, and have been making my own presets since the beginning. Shooting commercial work often requires quick turnaround time in the field and demands an editing workflow that is equal parts quick and quality. These are the same Lightroom presets that I use to edit the images I turn in to clients, and I want you to have them. I use them for portraits, travel, landscape, and even interior and urban settings. I think you'll love them as they are and find that they stand up under an amazing variety of conditions and lighting, and to those of you who like to tinker, you'll have an amazing jumping off point to see how different looks are achieved, informing your own journey in editing. Each photo on this page was a simple one click edit after setting my exposure and white balance in Lightroom. Presets are available for instant download via email after purchase. Lightroom 3, 4, 5, 6, and CC compatible.


9 different looks, 14 total presets. It doesn't take long to get to a certain look, but refining and perfecting it is an entirely different story. Attention to detail and creating beautiful images under a wide variety of situations was the goal with FM 03. Available immediately after purchase for download via email. 

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One Click Before/Afters: