Fujifilm GA 645i Professional Medium Format Autofocus Camera For Sale

I bought this camera in January 2019. It’s in almost mint condition, and everything works as fast and as accurately as it did when it came new from the factory. This is a point and shoot style (has aperture + manual mode too) medium format/120 camera with built in autofocus and a pop flash if you want to use it. The lens is a 60mm f4 which is about like shooting a 37mm f2.8 on full frame, so the experience is like shooting a Contax t2 with a MUCH more high quality negative.

The camera is responsive which is a must for me - the metering, autofocus, and shutter all feel very snappy and are a joy to use.

You can see there are some dust particulates on the camera, couldn’t find my cleaning cloths, but the camera is in amazing condition, and includes the original lens cap, lens hood, strap, manual, and also a larger strobe and attachment which is pretty cool, although I never used it. I love this camera but can only keep so many.

I’m asking $950 shipped in the US - feel free to check the last image in the below carousel of images to see the price I paid + shipping.

If you are interested in buying this camera, please email me


See below for some photos I shot with this camera - the focus accuracy, sharpness, and color rendition is all wonderful.