I am working with my long time friend Alex Strohl to create a video workshop for you this summer. We will be focusing on what it takes to go from making good images to making great images - capturing the moment. Quality over quantity is a practice of the greats, and something that is key when you feel stuck while trying to progress in photography. We’ll touch on the gear we’re using, but far more importantly we will identify and illustrate what it takes to bring your vision to reality; giving you the tools and wisdom to make those magic photos repeatably. I realized a huge breakthrough in my photography career when I started creating concepts and bringing them to life, and now it’s time to pass that knowledge on to you. This is a deep dive on making the shoots you dream about happen in real life, and about how to maximize and articulate your vision once it’s all happening. I hope you’ll join on me on this journey.

Some things we’ll cover:

  • Camera gear - prioritizing the final image over the gear used to make it.

  • Film - when I use it to achieve my vision, when I don’t, and how to reconcile it with a commercial workflow in a digital world.

  • Going deeper in a shoot. Identifying ideas and capturing true moments. This is about going from posed to real.

  • Directing models and how to work with subjects that aren’t models.

  • Planning a shoot - from concept to planning, day of, and post.