2018 Summer Workshops



We all want something different out of photography, but a common tie within us all is the desire to progress and better ourselves - to more clearly articulate, create, and share what we feel inside with the world. This summer I am offering a limited run of workshops in my favorite places on earth to share my knowledge with you in a one-on-one workshop tailored specifically to your needs. We'll create shoots based on what you want to accomplish (landscape, lifestyle, portraits, etc); not only making great images, but also giving you the skills to take away and apply as you move forward with photography. 





This is a private workshop and tour of my favorite places. My largest window is June 1-17 in Montana near Glacier National Park, but if you are interested in Colorado/Wyoming/Four Corners or later in the summer in Montana I do have a few days - just ask!


Can we shoot your Land Cruiser + canoe?

My favorite thing in the world is cruising up mountain roads in Burt, and if you're into that too then of course! The cruiser is functional 99.9% of the time. There's always a tiny chance it could be out of commission, but it's been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. The canoe is a go either way!


What gear will I need?

Whatever you already have! Whether you're shooting mirrorless, pro DSLR gear, film, or a phone, your current gear is more than capable enough. Great images can be made with anything and you'll leave knowing how to maximize the equipment you already own in any situation. 


Is this only one-on-one?

There are two exceptions to this. 1: your non-photographing significant other/friend is allowed (also makes a great subject). 2: up to 2 others may attend the workshop with you. They are not free, but each one of you would pay a discounted rate compared to the one-on-one price. 


Is there a certain skill level I should be at already?

To be blunt, nope. Whether you're a brand new beginner or a seasoned pro, there's always more to learn. The saying "we don't know what we don't know" applies here. I spent a lot of time searching the internet in the early years for knowledge, and while it is out there, the time and years I could have saved from having access to a person that could have provided me direction would have been huge. I've learned that there's a lot that we waste too much time worrying about, and also some small things most don't think about that yield dividends. 


What are you going to teach me?

The reason I'm offering one-on-one workshops is for a single reason: to teach you exactly what you want to learn. No matter what we'll be out taking beautiful pictures, but my goal here is to teach you to fish instead of handing you one. After booking we'll have a call to talk about where you are in photography, what you want out of it, and how to bridge the gap in between. Interested in taking better landscapes? Learning your camera? Starting/growing your own photography business? Learning a new style? Posing people? How to get that last percent better? All of that and more is great - This is YOUR workshop. 


What's included?

Your custom workshop, and a copy of all three of my Lightroom preset packs. In the middle of the day we can also go over our images and work on post processing. Travel expenses are not included, but if you're into camping, I'd love to show you some of my favorite spots. If you want to photograph people, I have a great network of local friends who are fun to shoot with, and of course my Land Cruiser and canoe are always up for grabs. 


What's the cost?

For one-on-one workshops, the costs are the following:

1 day workshop: $1250

2 day workshop: $2000

3 day workshop: $2650

If you are interested in bringing 1-2 additional photographers with you, please let me know for rates.


Other questions?

Just ask!